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Shop No. 7, 'B' wing, Chinmay Homes, S.No. 27/1/1, Rajas Society, Katraj, Pune - 411046 M. S. India
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Agriculture is now becoming transformed into dynamic productive and profitable sector because of ever-increasing demand for food and food products. In order to cope up with the food production target, more emphasis is likely to be given to agricultural inputs. The use of chemicals as plant protection practices acts as an insurance against the risk of loosing not only the crop but also the money spent on advanced technology used as inputs in attaining higher production. Breakthrough in the development of different agrochemicals and their widespread use at the farm level indeed has helped to boost the agricultural production in all countries.
Pesticides are now extensively used to control various pests, which are harmful to crops raised by man for food, feed and fibre production. Though they have played an important role in boosting the agricultural production, however, most of the chlorinated pesticides are non-biodegradable and leave residues, which are detrimental to human beings, animals and the environment. Residue studies in India have also revealed wide spread contamination of the food products and the environment as a whole. The presence of residues of insecticide in food commodities and other components of the environment is a matter of serious concern.
Organic Agriculture is a production system that avoids or largely excludes the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and growth regulators. The main aim of organic agriculture is to ensure sustained productivity, environmental protection and making available food and food products raised without chemicals of any kind.
Agriculture is primarily applied biology and is most likely to be successful when it accepts and follows principles such as
(a) On farm waste recycling
(b) Non-chemical weed management
(c) Integrated nutrient management for sustaining soil fertility and crop productivity.
With increasing health consciousness and concern for environment, organic farming system has been drawing attention all over the world. Organic farming is a holistic production management system, which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystems health including bio-diversity, biological cycles and soil biological activities. As a result, there is widespread organic movement and large demands for organic products.

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